Helen Hayes Awards Nominations

Helen Hayes Awards superstars Jaylee Mead, Victor Shargai
Helen Hayes Awards superstars Jaylee Mead, Victor Shargai

On Feb. 28, the 2011 Helen Hayes Awards Nominations were fittingly announced in the Helen Hayes Gallery at the National Theatre where the actress saw her first play. Chairman of the Board Victor Shargai termed Washington theatre amazing and said that it not only entertains, it transforms. He went on to announce that No Rules Theater Company and Factory 449 would each receive the 2010 John Aniello Award for outstanding emerging theater company. The Folger Theatre’s three productions all received nominations for outstanding resident play. President and CEO Linda Levy Grossman said the organization will be undergoing significant changes in coming months. A Helen Hayes stamp will be official released at the 27th Helen Hayes Awards of Apr. 25.

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