Al Tiramisu Celebrates Puglia

Chef Luigi Diotaiuti
Mary Bird
Chef Luigi Diotaiuti

In the third of a series of year-long cooking demonstrations celebrating regional Italian cuisine, on June 25 Chef Luigi Diotaiuti, the owner of Al Tiramisu near Dupont Circle captivated loyal patrons with the cooking, history and culture of Puglia, “the heel of Italy’s boot.” The region is best known for its olive oil production and pastas from durum wheat, including Orecchiette. The class gathered in the kitchen as the chef prepared fava bean puree with chicory, strascinati pasta with broccoli rabe and stuffed beef rolls. As a reward for their participation, they enjoyed the sumptuous results accompanied by three regional wines, a lesser known Locorotondo Bianco and the more frequently exported Primitivo and Negroamaro reds. Puglia has long been a crossroads of the Mediterranean. The famed Via Appia Antica stretched from Rome to the Adriatic port of Brindisi.


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