Neyla Suits Up for a Stylish Book Signing

Glenn O'Brien signs his book, as soon-to-be married Leah Veneziano and Paul Cooney look on.
Robert Devaney
Glenn O'Brien signs his book, as soon-to-be married Leah Veneziano and Paul Cooney look on.

Neyla restaurant on N Street provided an above-average sartorial scene, July 14, for a stylish book-signing party, hosted by Robert Finfer, president and CEO of Integrity Capital Partners, and Michael Yo of both E! News and the Chelsea Handler Show. The man of the hour was Glenn O'Brien, "Style Guy" columnist for Gentleman's Quarterly, and author of "How to be a Man: A Guide to Style and Behavior for the Modern Gentleman" (Rizzoli New York).

"How to be a Man" is a trusty compendium of man-knowledge. Part how-to guide, part memoir, "How to be a Man" covers the important items in O’Brien’s signature common sense and conversational tone. Chapters include “How to Not Look Stupid” and “Hair Today (Gone Tomorrow?).” In a world where men have long since abandoned wearing ties to work, along with the majority of manners, it is nice to see a guide for the modern gentleman.

O’Brien, a Georgetown University graduate, got his start in New York covering Manhattan’s pop scene for Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, later becoming its editor. He has since written for Spin and Artforum. O'Brien's GQ column, “The Style Guy,” answers readers' questions about everything from skinny jeans to pinkie rings.

The well-suited crowd of guys (and gals, of course) included local influencers, politicos, media types and financial advisors, who sipped cocktails from Rémy Martin as well as iced tea mixed by The Teaologist's Jennie Ripps. They also received O'Brien's new book which he happily signed. The style guru recalled his days as a Hoya, working for a time at Clyde's and Safeway. He said he was delighted to have lunch that afternoon at The Tombs which looked to him pretty much as he left it back in the late 1960s – and more than delighted at his reception at Neyla. As for D.C. style? The women dress better than the men, he said. And future books? Maybe, he said, something on White House protocol . . . and "How to be a Congressman."

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