DC Water Wants to Help Congress Cut Budget

John Boehner, new Speaker of the House, recently announced plans to cut the U.S. House of Representatives office budgets in hopes of helping reduce the U.S. budget deficit. After the announcement, D.C. Water announced its own plans to help.

In the first quarter of 2010 alone, the House spent $190,000 on bottled water. D.C. Water’s General Manager George S. Hawkins heard this and had ten sample reusable water bottles sent to Boehner’s office along with a letter of support and an offer to supply each Congressman with a reusable bottle. The letter advocated the elimination of bottled water for both financial and environmental reasons.

The production and transportation of bottled water uses enough oil each year to fuel about 1.5 million cars, and nearly 2.5 millions tons of plastic bottles were thrown away in 2008, having a noticeably damaging impact upon the environment.

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Fri, 23 Jun 2017 11:46:55 -0400

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