Henderson appoints Interim Principal for Hardy Middle School

Kaya Henderson, Interim Chancellor for DCPS, has named Daniel Shea the Interim Principal of Hardy Middle School. Shea currently serves as the DCPS’s head of scheduling for all high schools and middle schools, and has previously worked as a school principal in Montgomery County. On February 7, Henderson said in a letter address to the parents and guardians of Hardy Middle School students:

“Mr. Shea is an experienced middle and high school principal. For over 20 years, Mr. Shea worked as a teacher and administrator in Montgomery County. For 15 of those years, he served as a middle and high school principal. Mr. Shea brings the requisite experience to lead a middle school and prepare to transition students to succeed in high school.”

A parent meeting to formally introduce Mr. Shea to the Hardy community will be scheduled shortly.

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Sun, 28 May 2017 02:37:26 -0400

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