Georgetown: Every Detail of Holiday Retail

Louis Everard, owner of Everard’s Clothing with wife Jennifer Nygard
Philip Bermingham
Louis Everard, owner of Everard’s Clothing with wife Jennifer Nygard

When it comes to a body of style, nothing beats Georgetown’s retail district. From clothing and apparel, to jewelry, exercise and biking accessories, fine art, fine food, antiques and even furniture, Georgetown has perhaps the most stylish and eclectic selections in the city. We’re known around the area as a sort of outdoor mall, with all the major labels and a unique community of independent, custom retail shops. In fact, we are one of the only concentrated areas where you can find top national brands and Mom & Pop shops living side by side. And with our historic colonial aesthetic and an endless selection of great restaurants to choose from, there’s no better place in the District to while away your holiday shopping hours.

Just this year, we’ve seen a great number of new additions to our retail community. To name a few: New York-based All Saints; Lost Boys men’s clothing; Rag & Bone, which uses local D.C. tastemakers as spokesmen for their chic line of fashion; Brooks Brothers; Michael Kors; Calvin Klein; CB2; and Hugh & Crye.

And it is our community of independent, custom retail shops that have been drawing true shoppers for decades. From The Phoenix clothing, which opened its doors in 1955, to Joseph Abboud’s brand new local offering Streets of Georgetown, we have a history of variety, class, quirk, taste and style that is unique to our quaint and bustling streets.

Here are some “must-not-skips” on our list of local shopping destinations. From the one-of-a-kind experience and classic, custom-fitted suits at Everard’s Clothing, to the edgy, modern apparel of All Saints, you don’t want to miss these choice offerings. So, pick up a tasty hot beverage at Baked & Wired or Dean &Deluca’s, and let the holiday gift hunting begin!

Everard’s Clothing
Louis Everard thinks you’re great. I guarantee it. I can also guarantee that if you are from the Georgetown area — or even if you’ve spent some time here — he knows someone in your circle. And he’s probably fitted them a fantastic suit. Everard’s clothing has been a Georgetown institution since it opened its doors 20 years ago, and Louis, the brains and heart behind the operation, is the reason why.

A fourth-generation tailor, Louis has spent his life refining the art of the custom fit. “I was sewing when I was six,” he laughs. And his history with the Georgetown neighborhood dates back almost as far.

“In 1965, I got a job with Frank Rich at Rich’s shoes on Wisconsin and P. That’s how long I’ve been around these parts.” From his stories of managing a store for Rich — who Louis calls a visionary — and onward into the present, Louis spins a wildly entertaining web of stories and people recounting his years here. From his reverence and appreciation for longtime friend and client Ginger Latham, to recalling the “rickety old steps of the Willard” before its extensive renovations in the 80s, his history with the community is intimate and warm, and he brings that into his shop.

“We love the community here,” he exclaims. “That’s the whole point!”

Not that you need to know any of this coming into Everard’s Clothing. What sets his shop apart is the unparalleled service and attention to detail that is paid to each customer and each suit. Everard’s is unique in the community, one of the only independent shops that custom tailor for both men and women. Their aesthetic is also unique. “We’re not what I would call trendy,” says Louis, “but we’re classic with a twist.”

This mix of class, quirk and style has come to define Everard’s — you won’t find a better or more extensive selection of bowties and pocket squares in the city. The only thing better is the tailoring service.

“I pride myself on making sure the tailor is doing exactly what the client needs,” says Louis. “And with my knowledge and experience, I’m able to take our tailors to the next level. Our job is strictly quality control — we’re trying to be 100-percent perfect, and the key is to constantly improve. Every day, my tailors and I, we put our fingers on the pulse of our customer’s needs. And that’s the difference of a small business. We are it.”

Making an appointment at Everard’s, you are greeted with wine and snacks, and the first-class treatment continues to the very end.

“My motto is to do anything the customer wishes,” Louis says. “In terms of providing the goods in a timely basis and treating them the way they deserve to be treated. We’ll deliver the suit to our customer’s door if they like, no charge. We’re very old fashioned. Our clients are the ones who drive our business, and we try to give that back.”

Most of the men’s shirts and accessories in the store are Italian, from Aster shirts to Italo Ferretti ties. They carry Carrot and Gibbs, Albert Thurston of London, and Chrysalis of London.

If you like to dress well, let Louis dress you. You’ll never look better.

1802 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.

Keith Lipert Gallery
Keith Lipert Gallery was founded in 1994 to provide the District with unique, international modern designs, from decorative arts, to fashion jewelry and evening accessories. And founder Keith Lipert has since made it his mission to bring a sense of sophistication and individuality to an age of fashion that seems to be dominated by mass production and sub-par quality. “While the pieces that I sell have always existed,” Keith says, “often they go unknown and unrecognized, whether hidden around the coves of Lake Como or down tiny Parisian alleyways.”

Keith travels constantly to these magical places where artistry is alive and healthy to bring their charm back to his store in Georgetown. Sixteen years later, the shelves that line Keith’s store are a testament to all his hard work in finding the most unique and exquisite modern fashion and decorative arts.

But what makes Keith Lipert such a fabulous shopping destination is not just the unique items from design centers such as Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, Venice, Buenos Aires or New York City. It is also the atmosphere and experience that Keith has created within the store. Every customer is treated with care and respect. Talk to them about your tastes, about what you are looking for, and they will surely help you find the perfect item. “It is about the friendships we have made,” Keith says, “the conversations we have held, the bonds we have forged, and the community we have come a part of. We have learned and gained as much from our customers as we hope we left with them while interacting in the store.”

Great design can be found at all prices, and Keith Lipert presents an eclectic array of design that is affordable and accessible. From Murano glass cufflinks and hand-woven silk scarves, to handmade Columbian salad bowls and candles from southern Italy, Keith Lipert has everything you could think of and more for a perfectly surprising, wonderfully original holiday offering.

2922 M Street, N.W.

Hugh & Crye
Philip Soriano and Pranav Vora, the co-owners of Hugh & Crye, have their fingers on the pulse of men’s apparel. Most men’s shirts aren’t made to fit the men wearing them — and Hugh & Crye is out to change this trend. And since they opened their Georgetown showroom last June, the customers have been liking the difference. We spoke with Phil about the mission of Hugh & Crye, the new showroom and the nature of men’s apparel.

Q: What is the raison d’être of Hugh & Crye?

A: We saw a problem with finding well-fitted shirts in the mass markets and mass label brands. They weren’t addressing the problems of fit. It tends to be much more linear, like blowing up a balloon. They take a small, blow it up, and it’s a medium. Blow it up again, and it’s a large. It doesn’t address the fit for leaner or athletically built guys. We found a market for finding these better-cut shirts ready made off the rack.

We focused on the shape of the torso rather than the sleeves and neck. If we see a guy’s size and shape, we can fit him, and a lot of times we can fit him right off the rack.

The Washington Post put us in best of Georgetown this the spring. We’re seeing a lot of success just having a showroom in Georgetown. It’s put us on the map in a lot of ways — Georgetown has a good name to go along with it, and having a showroom here is just ideal.

Q: What makes you stand out from other stores in the area?

A: There’s the mass labels like Brooks Brothers and Rag and Bone, but as far as local shops, we’re the one. You can stop by and meet the guys behind the brands. It’s a mix use space of brand and product. Especially with the more nerdy guys of D.C. like me, we like to see what’s behind the brand. Buying local brands seems to be a growing movement, which it’s pretty intriguing. Also, we’re primarily online — 95 percent of sales are online. Guys from all over the country buy from us.

Q: Are you doing anything special for the holidays?

A: We’re discounting shirts as much as 35 percent off, so a $80 price point for a cheaper shirt is a pretty attractive offer.

Q: Do you have any hottest selling items, or things people should keep an eye out for when they come into your shop?

A: We’ve got a new line of sports shirts that have been popular. They’re just a little bit more casual. Around Thanksgiving, a lot of guys picked them up on Black Friday sale. We come out with new shirts every two months. Dec. 20 is our next shipment, so it’s something to look out for. You might not want to wait for so late in the game to do your holiday shopping, but if you do, we’re your place. We don’t really do things seasonally, but we’re constantly bringing out new stuff.

3212 O Street, N.W.

Streets of Georgetown
Renowned fashion designer Joseph Abboud opened his latest store in our neighborhood over the fall. Offering some of the finest men’s apparel available, you don’t want to miss them. We talked with store manager Jack Eggleston about the creative fire behind Streets of Georgetown.

Q: Where did Streets of Georgetown come from?

A: Joseph Abboud is the chief creative officer for our parent company, HMX Group, and it is his mission to open meaningful stores in communities around the country. We have a Beverly Hills location, we are converting a Chicago location, and the company’s looking at a SoHo and Boston location as well. With its history of high-end retail and great style, Georgetown was a perfect fit.

Q: What makes Streets of Georgetown so unique?

A: The catch is we are an American company that sells American products, and we’re all about luxury. From cashmere sweaters to made-to-measure services and custom tailoring, there just aren’t a whole lot of men’s stores like ourselves. In this neighborhood, we have Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and Everard’s. But outside of those stores, there aren’t a whole lot of options for men looking for sportswear, outerwear and tailored clothing, and we aim to fill that gap.

Q: Are there any must-see items on your shelves right now?

A: Oh, definitely. The raw cashmere pieces are beautiful — it’s cashmere in its natural state, not treated or died in anyway. We have three different sports jackets, two sweaters and a sweater vest in raw cashmere.

1254 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.

Contemporaria Deborah Kalkstein, with her dark hair and eyes, looks just as sleek as her modern, designer furniture, architecture and home décor store, Contemporaria in Georgetown. As the days left to finish your holiday shopping tick away, don’t forget to slow down and enjoy taking in all that the D.C. retail has to offer. At Contemporaria, Kalkstein and her staff will be holding open houses where shoppers can peruse the store’s beautiful pieces with a champagne toast. “People come to browse our new collection and enjoy a bit of the holiday cheer,” Kalkstein says, a scene which sounds even more appealing when described in her lilting Peruvian accent.

Q:* What are your three favorite gift-able items that you have in the store right now?

A: Right now we are doing, which I love, we have these Missoni throws that are very cozy and plush. You can give it to anybody from older to younger to men or women to use on your bed or couch or anything like that. They come beautifully boxed and they’re a gorgeous gift. Then we have, since we are a design-oriented store, we have the miniatures by Vitra that are all the little miniatures of all their museum-quality pieces. They’re really beautiful to have around because they remind you of design and they remind you of a beautiful thing every day. And the third, I love this new lamp we have by Floss. It has the technology of a LED light, and it’s so cool to put on your desk or a night table or anywhere.

Q: Is there anything that you’d like to say to holiday shoppers who come to Georgetown?

A: Support Georgetown! It’s a beautiful part of town. We are here for a cause because we love it here, and we all want to be here to stay. We all need the support of Georgetowners and the support they can bring to bring people from out of town, and I mean out of town like Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Arlington, to come by Georgetown and support business here. There’s this misconception that coming to Georgetown there’s only expensive things, but it’s not. You can find everything from all lines of work. It’s one of the only places in town that you can walk around and feel a very European mood and enjoy it and share it.

3303 Cadys Alley, NW

Three Sisters If shopping from home is more your speed this holiday season, Three Sisters provides the perfect alternative. You can purchase their cute styles online and have them shipped to your home or, if you’d like to have the store come to you, Three Sisters also does special events and trunk shows. Shop online at

Q: How would you describe Three Sisters style?

A: Meet the sisters – they really are three sisters. These sisters have created a signature fashion company that offers casually elegant style for today’s busy woman, classics with an edge. The hallmark of the collection is a line of limited edition coats and jackets constructed in exquisite fabrics.

Q: Is Three Sisters doing anything special for the holidays?

A: We have been doing special events and trunk shows around the country and now are spending time filling Santa’s orders and enjoying time with family and friends.

Q: What are your top three favorite giftable items that you have in stock for the holidays?

A: Wonderful shawls from $58 - $168, our most popular item – horn necklaces – and the black Emily Coat for all your events and more.

Online at

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