36th Street Burglar Was ‘Looking for a Party’

There was another intruder alert for students living near Georgetown University’s main campus. (Who are these guys?) There were two burglaries Dec. 2 in the 1400 Block of 36th Street and 3600 Block of O Street. 

The following is the report from the university’s Department of Public Safety: “On Friday, December 2, at approximately 9:56 p.m., a student reported that while she was sitting in her living room, an unknown male emerged from an adjacent closet. The student saw the suspect and asked what he was doing there. The suspect said that he was looking for a party. The suspect then ran out the back door in an unknown direction of travel. The Metropolitan Police Department was notified and arrived to the scene. DPS and MPD canvassed the area with negative results. On Friday, December 2, at approximately 10:30 p.m., another student reported that she had arrived to her residence and had gone into the living room. The student heard a noise coming from upstairs and went to check it out. The student went inside the bedroom and saw an unknown person inside the bedroom. The student screamed, and the unknown person ran down the stairs toward the back door and fled in an unknown direction of travel. MPD was notified and arrived to the scene. DPS and MPD canvassed the area with negative results. Both incidents will be investigated at the direction of MPD.” No physical injuries were reported in this incident. Witness description of suspect(s): Black male, approximately early twenties, 6’0”, medium build, wearing a black North Face hooded jacket with black sunglasses. The suspect in the second burglary is described as an unknown person 6’0” medium build wearing a dark hooded jacket, and white gloves with a mask covering the face. The Department of Public Safety is requesting that anyone who has information regarding this or any other incident(s), or who noticed any suspects before or after the incident(s), to contact them immediately at 202-687-4343.

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