Literary Amnesty

Starting today, Monday Dec. 5 and continuing through Feb. 5, 2012, D.C. Public Library cardholders are being granted a pardon for all offenses regarding overdue, lost and damaged library material.

The Library’s “Check It In” campaign is an effort to get back as many overdue books as possible to benefit more District residents. The Library also wants to also ensure that all cardholder information is up-to-date, allowing an opportunity for updating your customer records with new email addresses, phone numbers or mailing addresses.

The 60-day campaign is a no-holds-barred clemency—no matter how beat up the book’s spine, no matter how many scratches on the CD, no matter how many cups of coffee have twisted and warped the pages, you can return them to D.C. Public Library no questions asked, with no fines of fees charged. Even if the item has been lost, all you have to do is report it and forgiveness will be granted.

When returning your books, see a library staff person in order to clear your record of fines and fees.

So “Check It In” and rediscover the joys of your local library. For more information visit

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