Vote For Vincent Orange on April 26th

At Large Councilman

The Georgetowner Newspaper endorses Vincent Orange for the at-large city council seat because he will bring experience, maturity, independence and citywide knowledge to the table.From his previous experience on the District Council, Vincent Orange knows how to put together a budget (balanced in his time on the council) and knows the law (he cannot claim any silly “mistakes”). He is in favor of a balanced budget without raising taxes, and he is keen oneducation. We admire his life story and his family.After the latest highly-publicized embarrassments for the District’s leaders, can an experienced candidate bring a breath of fresh air to the District government? We think so, and we believe Orange is the one best suited for the job.While we acknowledge the others running for the seat, such as interim interim at-large councilman Sekou Biddle and candidate Patrick Mara (endorsed by the Washington Post), and feel they have much to offer in future public service to the District of Columbia, we find Orange to be the best overall pick for the city at this timeOrange is about getting jobs into the District; observe the future opportunities of the new city center and development on the Anacostia waterfront. He respects and listens to all citizens from MacArthur Boulevard and Western Avenue to Martin Luther King Boulevard and Good Hope Road. He knows Washington, D.C., well—including Georgetown.He is a responsible, sensible man during an urgent time that calls for accountability, common sense and common sense solutions. He deserves to become our new councilman- at-large, fighting for greater representation before the powers that be and representing you every day.Whatever candidate you choose to support, make sure to cast your vote on April 26 for at-large Councilman

Apr 24, 2011 at 12:02 AM BJacques

As a former Federal and District gvt. professional, I have known and worked with Vincent Orange for over 10 years and am quite proud of the association. His broad knowledge of finance, approachable demeanor, and distinquished character has armed him well for the challenges he has surmounted and will surmount as our winning Councilmember at-large on April 26 th ! Surely, this is not the time for "on-the-job-Training!" As a twice elected Councilmember, astute DC voters know Vincent Orange, the demonstrated councilmember who intitiated Brookland's Home Depot Shopping Center, transformed McKinley High to its premier Technical Education status and assured 30 yr-old textbooks would become new books for students in several months,..In our government's fiscal dilemma, we sure can use Vincent Orange, an attorney and CPA as our At-Large Councilmember. Mr. Orange knows how to stimulate job growth by making Developers obey DC's "First-Source" hiring program with a $12.00 minimum wage ! And Vincents' innovative talents will avert a tax increase-as he states-"Lets go get our money", referring to a Billion dollars owed DC ($300,000 in traffic citations and uncollected taxation on out-of-state bonds) Vincent Orange's credits seem endless and enable his as the obvious choice for DC Councilmember At-Large on April 26th !

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