Washington Humane Society's $100K Challenge to Save Lives

Courtesy of Washington Humane Society

Since 1870, Washington Humane Society has been the leading voice for animals in the District, standing as the only animal shelter in the District of Columbia that never says “No” to an animal. They never turn any animal away, and their doors are always open—WHS is the only agency out there open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week rescuing animals off the streets of DC.

Now, WHS is taking part in the ASPCA’s “$100K Challenge to Save Lives,” and if they win the money would help them rescue and save more animals than ever before. In order for them to even get a spot in the competition, they must first be one of 50 groups nationwide that secures the most online votes. This first phase, called the Qualifying Heat, requires voters to cast their votes everyday to secure Washington Humane Society in the final standing.

The competition is stiff—last year over 23,000 people voted for just one agency—and they need you to vote. You can vote online every day until April 15th and encourage your friends to do the same. “Every vote will be critically important!” says the WHS. “We feel confident that once we can secure a spot in the competition that we stand a very good chance at winning the grand prize.”

The Georgetowner strongly supports the WHS as they continue to help the animals within our community, and we encourage our readers to lend a hand. Please vote daily and spread the word about the WHS and the competition.

The Washington Humane Society provides comfort and care to nearly 30,000 animals each year through its broad range of programs and services including: sheltering, adoption, cruelty investigations, wildlife rescue, free and low-cost spay/ neuter services, humane education, human/animal rehabilitation programs, and lost and found services. With your help today, we can save more animals lives and provide for a better tomorrow.

To cast your vote daily go to VoteToSaveLives.org.

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