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Georgetown Public Library Grand Opening Party, Oct. 23

The newly renovated Georgetown Library on R Street is open. On Saturday, Oct. 23, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the library will host a grand opening party. “Fun activities for all ages,” we are told by the D.C. Public Library System.

Discover neighborhood treasures at the Peabody Room. Peabody Room librarian Jerry McCoy will showcase items from the Peabody Collection. Play “Libropoly” on a life-sized board of Historic Georgetown, sponsored by the Friends of the Georgetown Library. There will be tours of the library, of course. Programs on drawings and opera as well as pumpkin decorating -- mulled cider, too, and refreshments donated by Safeway and cupcakes donated by Baked & Wired Bakery.

Ward 2 Town Hall Attempts to Bridge Divides

At October 14’s town hall, Vincent Gray was well-received by Ward 2, despite only receiving 27% of their vote in the primary. Gray’s opponent, Mayor Adrian Fenty, garnered greater support from Georgetown’s precinct than any other in D.C.

Held at Foundry United Methodist Church, open discussion was scheduled to last two hours. In reality, after starting 45 minutes late and another half-hour of formalities, very little time was left for questioning.

The town hall meetings being part of Gray’s effort to find common ground with those who didn’t support him in the election, one would think he’d take plenty of time to talk about the number one issue on Georgetowners’ minds: education. Unfortunately, aside from stressing his commitment to educational reform and a question concerning special education standards, this was not the case.

Gray spent more time talking about his plans to combat unemployment in Wards 7 and 8, an issue that affects D.C. residents as a whole.

G.U. Business School Ranks #4

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business was earned a fourth-best ranking for its master of business programs, according to the Princeton Review, which reported on its survey of 19,000 students, headlined “Best Career Prospects.” Preceding Georgetown University in business programs are number one Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania), Harvard University and Stanford University. Georgetown’s location in Washington, D.C., its own international studies and School of Foreign Service, along with global perspectives in the city, such as the World Bank, as well as other NGOs and non-profits here, added to its high ranking in the student survey.

Philly Pizza Reincarnates As Go Fresh

By now, you know it: Philly Pizza and Grill is dead. The Potomac Street eatery, owned by Mehmet Kocak, will re-open as Go Fresh, a prepared food shop with restrictions from the D.C. Department of Regulatory and Consumer Affairs -- such as . . . no pizza . . . ever again. And how about “no loitering”? It is part of the agreement. Go Fresh will use a vent-less oven and toasters. Can we throw in “no real cooking” as well? You got it. The eatery will close by 1 a.m., Thursday through Saturday. Advisory neighborhood commissioner Bill Starrels is still not happy about it.

Independent Art House Cinema Opens Oct. 29

West End Cinema, located at 2301 M Street, N.W., will open on Oct. 29 with “Howl,” “Gerrymandering” and “Let Me In.” Josh Levin is the contact for the group: info@WestEndCinema. com or 202-419-FILM. Ticket prices range between $11 and $8.

Vote Early or Often . . . But Vote

Early voting is now open at One Judiciary Square, 441 4th St., N.W. -- through Oct. 30 (8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and Nov. 1 (8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.); closed Oct. 31. For more details, visit

D.C. Homicide Count Hits One Hundred

The Washington Examiner reported on Monday, October 18, that D.C. homicides officially reached the hundred mark — 103 to be exact. While this is an improvement from last year’s 109 homicides by the same date, District police have again failed to meet the police chief’s personal benchmark.

In the past, Police Chief Cathy Lanier has expressed her belief that limiting homicides to fewer than 100 a year would prove a “tipping point” for the city’s safety. Less vocal about the goal of late, the reduction in homicides is still commendable. In comparison with last year, it took an extra month to reach 100.

Halloween for Adults

For those looking for a Halloween plan on Friday, October 29, the National Zoo is hosting Night of the Living Zoo, a festive Halloween bash. For $40 ($30 for Friends of the National Zoo) you can enjoy a night of Halloween mischief at this 21 and over bash. Live music and live animals will set the scene while you mingle with other partygoers. Palm readers and fire eaters will give you the chills, so the Magic Hat beers served at the bar can warm you up. It’s sure to be a ghostly good time!

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