Downtown Neighborhood Updates

No Trash Pickup Thursday

The Department of Public Works (DPW) has opted to cancel trash and recycling pickup on Thursday, October 21. This is so DPW employees are free to attend the funeral of one of their own, 51-year-old Larry Hutchins.

Hutchins served the community as a DPW employee for 24 years. Regrettably, on October 13 he was shot and killed in the DPW parking lot. Additionally, a coworker of his was wounded. As of yet, an arrest has not been made, and the name of the other shooting victim has not been released.

The DPW collections schedule has been altered accordingly. Thursday’s trash will be picked up Friday and Friday’s trash on Saturday.

There are sure to be complaints from those who don’t get the memo, but hopefully those in the know will keep Hutchins in their thoughts.

The Know It Express Launches Bus Service from U Street to Brooklyn

The Know It, a popular D.C. tourist information site where D.C. travelers can trade tips, is launching a bus service which will connect U Street and Brooklyn. Washington dwellers and New Yorkers have always had a close relationship, and now spending a long weekend in one or the other is that much easier with The Know It Express. Brooklyn is an obvious destination for many who migrate to New York City, with its easy accessibility to the heart of Manhattan, despite its much lower living expenses and trendy, vibrant culture. Now transplants and non-transplants alike from both cities can visit their friends and families without the hassle of being dropped off at inconvenient locations.

The travel service aims to make a trip between the two cities both convenient and pleasant. With cozy seats, Wi-Fi internet, and in-seat outlets, The Know It Express is miles ahead of other popular bus companies. Wi-Fi internet and in-seat outlets will not be ready for the first trip on October 22 but will soon be functional. The bus service gives travelers a comfortable atmosphere to work, relax, and anticipate their visit or return. Additionally, the bus has five storage spaces for bikes, a godsend for any exercise aficionados.

The Know It Express will depart from Washington at 8:00 am and arrive in New York around lunch time. The bus will leave Brooklyn at 5:30 pm. Specifically targeting weekend visitors, the service will only operate on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Next time you plan a visit to New York, keep The Know It Express in mind!

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Fri, 26 May 2017 09:06:24 -0400

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