Armored Heist Update

Outside the BB&T Wednesday, Sept. 20
Robert Devaney
Outside the BB&T Wednesday, Sept. 20

"It took less than 30 seconds," said one Wisconsin Avenue shopkeeper, who asked not to be identified. "It looked well planned - seemed like a movie," he said of the Sept. 30 armored car hold-up on O Street and Wisconsin Avenue. The Garda security truck was transferring cash to the BB&T bank on the corner. A black Dodge Magnum, as identified by others, pulled up with no license plates on it, according to the clothing store employee. "They [four hooded, masked suspects] stopped the guard on the sidewalk, pointed a gun, took the money bag and took the guard's gun."

"There was a struggle that ensued over the weapon as the individual was pointing it at the guard," Lt. John Hedgecock of Metropolitan Police Department's District 2 told Fox5 News. "The guard struggled with him for a moment, and he was overpowered and fell down.

No one was injured. D.C. police - now working with the FBI - will not say how much money was stolen. The crime was committed outside the Georgetown BB&T, which was never entered - and it closed after the 2:20 p.m. incident. The car involved in the crime was later found a few blocks away.

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