Nina McLemore Hosts Nooristan Foundation

Theresa Mencarini, Emilie Grant, Kristina Sherk, Nawa Arsala
Mary Bird
Theresa Mencarini, Emilie Grant, Kristina Sherk, Nawa Arsala

Georgetowner Nina McLemore threw open her doors on Oct. 20 to host a fashion show and sale of her latest collection of quality clothing designed for today’s multi-faceted women to benefit the Nooristan Foundation. Nooristan is a non-profit providing humanitarian, medical and educational support for rural areas in Afghanistan. Projects include livelihood assistance and literacy for 90 families in a refugee camp outside Kabul, training midwives in Takhar province and establishing a village school in Nooristan. Nina sells primarily through independent consultants holding private trunk shows. Better specialty locations and eight recently established permanent eponymous stores showcase her wearable and travelable fashions. - Mary Bird

Apr 19, 2012 at 3:40 AM sikandar nooristani

what are you guyz doind in nooristan foundation...i want to know about it.

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