Georgetown's Antiques

A Taste of History

Elizabeth Wulff Wine, Scandinavian Antiques.
Tom Wolff
Elizabeth Wulff Wine, Scandinavian Antiques.

Abigail Adams remarked upon Georgetown for its muddy roads in the 18th century. It has come a long way since then. But the history stays with it, and antiques are part of the heritage of Georgetown. In our neighborhood there is an ample selection of shops selling high-quality curios, relics and treasures that will become part of the personal history of the person acquiring them.

The people who own and work in these shops have an extraordinary knowledge of antiques. They are more than willing to share their bounty, and enjoy educating potential customers.

Along with antiques come interior designers who will help weed through what is available to find the right pieces that make up interior ensembles. What better than a great architect to help make your home breathe not just its history, but move into the present and as the future? Come meet our favorite Georgetowners with a knack for classic décor.


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