Letters to the Editor, June 16

To the editor:

I read with considerable interest your June 2 editorial “Single Sales Ban: We’re Over It.” And I must say that I share your view when you question the need for the law in the first place.

But there are two important facts which your editorial overlooks. First, that resolution, drafted by Commissioner Bill Starrels ("he likes to cook," according to the resolution) was adopted by the slimmest possible majority: 3-2-0, with Commissioner Golds and myself in opposition, and Commissioners Birch and Solomon in absentia. Further, I'd think as a matter of policy you would mention that the author of the "venomous" tract is a regular contributor to your paper.

Charles F. Eason, Jr.
Commissioner, ANC 2E07

To the editor:

As a longtime resident of Papermill Court in west Georgetown, I am writing out of concern that my fellow Georgetown residents may have developed a negative attitude about our neighborhood after reading an article in last issue of The Georgetowner about rodent control ("Georgetown to City Rats: Look Out," June 2). The article described our lovely neighborhood as "claustrophobic," "forgotten," long-shuttered," "defunct" and "ripe for infestation." At least we don't have any more rats. After reading this article even they won't come here any more.

Charles Pinck

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