Maryland Earthquake Rattles Georgetown

This morning's earthquake, epicentered in Gaithersburg, MD, was even felt across Georgetown. Several residents were abuzz throughout the day on a local e-mail list, sharing their experience with the 3.6-magnitude shaker.

Like many who were awakened by the quake, Joan Kennan immediately thought something sinister was afoot. "I felt the room vibrate in an odd way, accompanied by a very deep rumbling noise," she said. "I thought that maybe there had been an explosion somewhere in the city, but when I did not hear any sirens after a while I began to think I had imagined it."

Some responded with impressive sangfroid. Traci Siegel said she realized the disturbance was an earthquake, but brushed it off as a dream and went back to sleep.

Ultimately, no damage was reported anywhere in the metropolitan area, even among the centuries-old structures scattered throughout Georgetown. Washington, it seems, dodged a bullet.

Now if we can just get San Francisco and Santiago to stop laughing their heads off.

What was your experience with this Washington rarity? Share it here.

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Tue, 27 Jun 2017 11:41:24 -0400

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