Metro Unveils Monthly Scorecard

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has opened its operating performance for evaluation to the ever-wary public eye. Those interested can now monitor Metro’s key performance indicators, including rail and bus on-time performance and reliability, escalator and elevator outages, customer and employee injury rates, crime rates and arrests, citations and summonses. It has been laid out online in the form of a monthly scorecard, or report card, with the apparent hope of regaining public trust.

With the steadily increasing prices of the Metro system, threats to cut back hours of operation, coupled with endless elevator and escalator outages and a reputation for running relentlessly behind schedule, the Metro system has been under heavy scrutiny as of late. Opening this monthly report to the masses should hopefully serve as a symbol that the system is working toward a more efficient future. To see the report, go to, click on the About Metro tab, and then ‘Scorecard.’

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Thu, 22 Jun 2017 23:36:48 -0400

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