Cutting-edge Digital Signage Introduced at Washington Convention Center

The Washington Convention and Sports Authority have just unveiled an Oculus Digital Signage Network comprised of over 140 digital displays and signs throughout the Washington Convention Center. This will provide customized updates and information, advertisements, sponsor and exhibitor content, daily event schedules and special production video for events among other items.

The features of the digital signage include HD flat-panel displays, localized message distribution by segments and location and live event broadcasting that distributes footage of any event taking place at the Convention Center to display throughout the building.

The Microsoft 2010 Worldwide Partner Conference will be the first event to implement the new sign system, displaying relevant video content for participating conference members this coming week.

“As the first to use the Convention Center’s digital signage network, we plan to take full advantage of its capabilities,” said Microsoft senior marketing director Pam Salzer. “The tech-savvy attendees of the Microsoft…Conference will benefit from the network’s ability to provide real-time updates, information on event schedules and location and the rich video content that will be displayed.”

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Fri, 26 May 2017 09:02:06 -0400

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