Tell Us What You Really Think, Anthony

It seemed serendipitous, even if it was not, to see developer Anthony Lanier and restaurant owner Britt Swansitting near each other during the last ANC meeting of the year. While explaining his urban design and development philosophy to news blog Georgetown Patch, Lanier said: “The perfect example is the former Nathan’s building [at Wisconsin Ave. and M St.]. How is it possible that the number one corner in Washington, DC, is being fixed by the blind and the one-eyed to make a hokey ice cream store and a bar on the second floor? How is that possible?” That corner will be known next year as the spot for Serendipity3, its Georgetown location for the famous New York eatery, headed by Swan. (Not to worry: Lanier is not a big fan of Chipotle’s land owner either.)

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Tue, 27 Jun 2017 08:02:16 -0400

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