Scavenger Hunt

Freddi Lipstein, Lindley Vann, Rebecca Klemm, Mary Anne Goley, Vivienne Lassman
Freddi Lipstein, Lindley Vann, Rebecca Klemm, Mary Anne Goley, Vivienne Lassman

Rebecca Klemm purchased a Georgetown scavenger hunt for 30 happy hunters as an auction item at the 2009 Citizens Association of Georgetown Gala held at the Russian Embassy. The hunt was the brainchild of Colleen and John Girourard, Constance Chatfield-Taylor, Florence Auld, Jackie Pletcher and Charlie Eisen. On Nov. 19, Rebecca welcomed her guests to a “spirited” reception on P Street where they were divided into five teams and given instructions to unveil Georgetown’s hidden mysteries before reconvening at the Girourard’s home on 34th Street to enjoy a fabulous repast for their efforts. Clues took them on a merry chase that included The Georgetown Inn, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Georgetown Cupcake, The Tombs, 1789, Georgetown Club and the infamous Exorcist stairs. After the points were tallied, Rebecca’s team led the pack.

Dec 5, 2010 at 11:38 AM lolly vann

This was a fantastic night, a great time, and wonderful way to learn more about Georgetown. We entered shops, bars, nooks and crannies that we had never stepped into before. Yeh Georgetown and Thanks Rebecca.

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