'DC Brau' On the Way

DC Brau coming this January
DC Brau coming this January

As a cultural hub, Washington is usually on the forefront of most national trends, both minor and major key. However, the bursting popularity of the craft beer movement nearly seemed to have passed over the nation’s capital. Until recently, it felt like the only places to get a decent brew within the city were the Brickskeller or Pizzeria Paradiso.

But with many laudable new additions to the city’s bar scene serving unique microbrews and seasonal beer selections — among them the stellar Churchkey on 14th Street — it is clear that this town is coming around.

Now Washington is to receive the sanctifying cornerstone of any city’s beer culture: a brewery. DC Brau Brewing Company will be opening its doors this January. Founders Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock, two D.C. residents, are acutely aware of the empty tap handle or store shelf where a local beer ought to be found. The pair share years of experience in both brewing and beverage distribution, and have combined their knowledge and passion to establish the District’s first brewery since before Prohibition.

Hancock will be the acting brewmaster, having made beer with Grizzly Peak Brewing, Arbor Brewing companies and Flying Dog Brewery. With the beers named for various elements of democracy, expect to see such drinks as the Public Ale, The Citizen Belgian-style IPA, and the Corruption IPA. Their seasonal selections will be named after the neighborhoods of the city, such as the Georgetown Porter. Keep an eye out for DC Brau at your local corner stores and watering holes this winter.

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